International Center of Climate Change Technologies
About us
The “International Center of Climate Change Technologies” (ICCCT) is designated for the
creation, development, promotion and tokenization of "green" technological assets of our
modernity aimed to fight climate change and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.
ICCCT, first in the world, has combined the most effective and proven weather management
technologies and the best professionals with over 20 years of experience and forms a new
civilized market in the weather management sphere to mitigate climate risks and prevent natural
Our technologies
Climate safety system "Clear Sky Manager New Generation"
Integrated climate-smart solution for the climate safety that allows to mitigate main
climate risks of our modernity related with drought & desertification, heat waves, dust & sand storms, forest
& steppe fires, heavy rains & floods, atmospheric air pollution and other weather anomalies
Renergy. Climate-smart Solution for the production of Green Hydrogen from Water / Waste / Coal and Biomass
Solutions are based on new physical principles in the kind of multi stage detonation, which
makes it possible to obtain highly superheated steam. At the same time, almost complete thermal
dissociation of H2O, CO2, CO, and NOx molecules into atomic and molecular hydrogen, carbon,
oxygen, and nitrogen occurs.
Integrated Climate-Smart Solutions to Fight a Massive Locust Invasion
The original technology “STOP Locust" is a unique protected method for locust control that can
be used to effectively protect crops, pastures, trees and other vegetation from locust infestations,
as well as for the environmentally friendly production of natural nutritious locust biomass and
locust protein products.
Our projects
Meet our team
  • Altay Ainabek
    Over 20-years experience in the sphere of international business administration, analysis, consulting, strategic planning and management of international projects and companies in the sphere of renewable energy, environmental protection, as well as in the sphere of innovation
  • Rafael Gazetoff
    CSO, Strategy & Policy
    30+ years of experience in the Sphere to Fight Climate Change Technologies, Engineering Development, Project Management, Safety Upgrades
  • Sergey Bologurov
    Head of Department for Weather Management System
    25+ years of experience in Climate Control Technologies Development

  • Alex Demidoff
    10+ years of experience in Innovation business Development and Investment Management
  • Allan Peter Moore

    20+ years of experience in Organic Farming
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