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With the catastrophic consequences of climate change, health and quality of life deterioration, decarbonization, and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, more and more people are looking for solutions to these issues. While looking for solutions, we came to know about Altay Ainabek.

We were able to contact Altay Ainabek, an international expert on climate risks and integrated climate solutions, who is the CEO of the Emirate-based company “International Center of Climate Change Technologies” from Abu Dhabi, and get his opinion and answers to these actual questions.

Mr. Altay Ainabek, could you tell us your opinion on how much the consequences of climate change threaten us and should people be worried about this?

Just a few years ago, humanity was concerned mainly with the anthropogenic impact on the climate of our planet, which led to an acceleration in global warming and catastrophic climate change.

However, at present, the consequences of catastrophic climate change, such as increased incidence of drought and land degradation, the disappearance of many species of flora and fauna, and the catastrophic growth of waste, have begun to have a strong impact on the life quality and health of the population of our planet.

I suppose it is worth not only thinking and worrying about the consequences of climate change but urgently taking real measures.

It should be noted that real measures are already being taken at the intergovernmental and state levels.

For example, the annual World Summits on Climate Change are held on climate COP 26, which took place in 2021 in Glasgow, COP 27, which will be held in 2022 in Egypt, and COP 28, which will be held in 2023 in Abu Dhabi.

Please tell us about yourself and the activities of your company? In my opinion, your company’s name, “International Center of Climate Change Technologies,” sounds very ambitious and scaled.

I am one of the initiators of the global initiative to fight climate change and CEO of the Emirates company “International Center of Climate Change Technologies” LTD / ADGM. The company is already actively operating in the sphere of creation, development, and implementation of “green” innovative technological assets. Furthermore, this initiative attracts leading international experts, scientists, highly qualified engineers, technologists, and a workforce from various spheres of science and technology.

Our company is registered in the international financial center – ADGM/UAE because the Emirates is one of the world leaders in the sphere of decarbonization and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy and provides the most comfortable business environment.

Our company has 3 main spheres for the development of integrated “green” technological solutions to mitigate the main climate risks of our modernity:

  1. Technologies and solutions for decarbonization and transition to a carbon-neutral economy;
  1. Technologies to mitigate the main climate risks of our modernity;
  2. Technologies and solutions aimed to ensure “water security” and “food security.”;

The development and implementation of such technologies into the real sector of the economy require investments, and our company is also attracting investments through the tokenization of “green” technological assets using blockchain technologies.

Yes, these are really large-scale projects, the potential markets of which, according to various assessments, are estimated at tens of trillions of US dollars a year.

Our team has scaled healthy and achievable ambitions to become one of the world leaders in the sphere of decarbonization and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Our “green” projects, both at the R&D stage and at the implementation stage, have involved the best world scientists, advisers, highly qualified engineers, and skilled workforce from over the world that is a key enabler to building a chain of significant added value.

What are the real results of your activity? Could you tell me about it?

Currently, our company successfully operates in the sphere of drought control, providing real services to increase precipitation in Kazakhstan.

Our real services are ensured by an experienced, qualified team of specialists: scientists – aerologists, meteorologists, and leading climate change technologies experts with over 20 years of experience in creating and applying weather management technologies. We are preparing to expand our real services.

Do you think that these activities, if expanded, can show exceptionally positive results worldwide?

Yes, indeed. As I mentioned earlier, we are developing solutions to these climatic issues. Our specialist team is working towards goal attainment, and our research on technologies to improve the climatic conditions is a continual process. Our company aims to provide answers to the questions of climate risks.

We are ready to fight off the climatic catastrophes and help the world enter into a better state. All our technologies and solutions are “green” that we are growing rapidly, and hence, I am positive that we can bring a powerful impact by expanding more and more.

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