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Our target regions include Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America, where by 2040, there is expected to be a growth in water scarcity covering 125 million square kilometers out of 149 million square kilometers of land area.

We anticipate a sustainable market share acquisition in densely populated countries and regions experiencing water scarcity, including India, China, Australia, Kazakhstan, MENA countries, the USA, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Sahel countries such as Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon, CAR, South Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan, and other African countries such as Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.

By 2032, we plan to serve 18 million square kilometers of arid territories out of 49 million square kilometers or 36%, which is comparable to the combined area of the United States and Australia (19 million square kilometers).

Target regions

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